Dion is Aristo's younger brother.


Dion appears in The Fugitive from Corinth. Dion intended to kill Aristo out of jealousy but accidentally stabs Marcus, his brother's employer and Flavia's father. Dion believes that he killed Aristo; when his brother tries to hunt him down, he thinks that Aristo's ghost is chasing him.
At the end of the book Dion falls in love with Megara.


Dion is quiet and prone to anger and jealousy. He is also shown to fall in love easily and is show to be very superstitious, though possibly less so by the end of the book.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Dion looks very like his elder brother, Aristo, with the same bronze hair and skin.


  • Dion is a male given name of Greek origin. It is the shortened form of Dionysus, name of the Ancient Greek god of wine and madness, meaning 'of Zeus'.