Publius Pollus Felix is a wealthy patron. He is the father of Pulchra and husband of Polla.


He is first introduced in The Pirates of Pompeii, with his sickly wife Polla, and their pampered daughter Pulchra. He is kind and generous to four detectives, seeming to favour Lupus most of all. He makes them welcome at his villa and gives them expensive gifts. Flavia starts to believe she is falling in love with him and therefore refuses to accept her betrothal to Tranquillus. His spoiled daughter Pulchra then invites the friends back to their home, the Villa Limona, after they saved her from being sold into slavery following the eruption of Vesuvius.

In The Assassins of Rome, after the incident at Nero's golden house, He and Pulchra come and eat at Jonathan's sucah (The festival of Tabernacles). Flavia still thinks she loves him, but sees him in a different light - as an unfaithful womaniser, who has fathered many illegitimate children by the many beautiful slave girls he owns, and also with many of the beautiful widows he entertains. When his wife Polla tries to poison herself in despair, he sees the error of his ways, but many doubt he can remain true to his word. At the end of The Sirens of Surrentum, he asks Flavia to join him in his study to thank her in private. However, at one point, he puts his hand on her knee and slowly bends his head towards her, supposedly trying to kiss her. Flavia runs off before he can.


On the surface, Felix appears generous, kind and easy-going. In reality, he is untrustworthy, weak and thoughtless.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Felix is very handsome, and his wife Polla compares him to the Greek god, Dionysus.


  • Felix is a male given name of Roman origin, meaning 'lucky' or 'successful'.