Leda is Pulchra's personal slave-girl.

In the TV series, she is played by Cara Mahoney.

Storyline Edit

Leda first appears in The Pirates of Pompeii, when the detectives stay at the Villa Limona. She is Pulchra's personal slave. She is treated very badly by her mistress; she is often beaten and on one occasion Flavia and Nubia find her shut in a large chest in Pulchra's bedroom. At the end of the book she is captured by the slave-traders along with the girls, and is one of the last children to talk about her life. In The Sirens of Surrentum, she does not play a large role, but it is mentioned that she looks happier.


Leda is very quiet and shy. When she is first introduced, she is often miserable due to her mistress' cruelty. In The Sirens of Surrentum however, she is much happier. After being treated very badly she does not take things for granted that others would.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Leda is a thin girl with pale, straggly hair. She has red weals on her back where Pulchra beat her, but they may have healed. Like most slaves, she is barefoot.


  • Leda is a female given name of Roman origin. Its meaning is uncertain, possibilities being 'mother of Helen', 'happy' or 'woman'.