Polla Argentaria is the wife of Publius Pollius Felix and the mother of Pulchra.


Marriage to LucanEdit

When Polla was fourteen, she married a twenty-year-old poet, Marcus Annaeus Lucanus, in an arranged marriage. Although she did not love him, she liked Lucan a lot; he was kind, witty and made her laugh. Lucan's poetry was quickly becoming very popular, with people hailing him as a genius, perhaps even the next Virgil. Polla was convinced that he would have become even greater than Virgil, if he had not died at age twenty-five; Lucan was involved in a plot to kill the villainous Nero, but the conspirators were betrayed. After being arrested, they were told to either go home, put their affairs in order and slit their writs, or to face a public execution and the loss of all their property. Lucan chose the former, thus leaving Polla with a home. Polla was not with him when he recieved his death sentence, but she was told that he took the news calmly and died reciting his poetry. Later, in The Sirens of Surrentum, Polla tells Flavia Gemina that she would have died for Lucan, slitting her wrists with him.

Marriage to FelixEdit

At Lucan's funeral, Polla met Felix, a twenty-year-old distant cousin, who had just returned from studying rhetoric and philosophy in Athens for two years. She fell in love with him immediately; she went on to marry him and have three daughters with him.

Attempted SuicideEdit

Polla suffers from depression and half-heartedly tries to poison herself when she finds out that Felix has fathered many illegitimate slave children. She attempts to end her life with hemlock, but does not take big enough doses and builds up a resistance to it. She does however, become frequently ill and relishes in the attention Felix gives her at these times.


Polla is quiet and prone to melancholia, although she can be very passionate about things and people she cares for. She is very patient and enjoys reading by herself, although she does not mind company.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Polla has almost translucent skin and startlingly blue eyes.