Rizpah is a young slave in Nero's Golden House.


Eight-year-old Rizpah befriends Jonathan ben Mordecai when the latter is enslaved in the Golden House. An expert at sneaking and spying, she is a valuable ally to Jonathan and leads him down secret passages to his mother, whom he had been searching for.

She returns later in The Enemies of Jupiter when she shows Flavia, Jonathan, Nubia and Lupus the Ark of Covenant.

Simeon ben Jonah was to marry her mother, Rachel, but he died of fever before the wedding could take place. Rizpah and Jonathan, who is Simeon's nephew, both grieve for him.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Rizpah has white hair, pink eyes and is extremely sensitive to light; these characteristics suggest that she has albinism.


  • Rizpah is a female given name of Hebrew origin and means 'coal'.


  • Rizpah speaks Aramaic.
  • Her 'catchphrase' is "Here I was born and here I shall die" (said of the Golden House).